Surf Break

Most of the waves in the southern corner are rights, as this is the last section of the point break. Various peaks also break along the many sandbars along this long beach, with these sandbars broken up by several rips and long shore gutters. Like most beach breaks, catching green waves is easier in deeper water during higher tides as the waves do tend to dump and close out during low tide. Adults will find catching whitewater waves is better in the corner at high tide on the very flat sandbar in the southern corner of the beach.

On the many days when the point is tiny, a quick walk up the beach often reveals super fun peaks with few people or even nobody out. On the rare occasion the surf is too big at Crescent Head, the only other option could be to the north at Trial Bay Gaol, located at South West Rocks, which does provide more shelter from swell and easier access to the line up.

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Malibu Club

Bordered by, national parks, nature reserves and the Pacific Ocean you’ve found the idyllic seaside community of Crescent Head. Its cobblestone point has been famed for lining up like corduroy since the 1960s when longboarders surfariing northwards found its long glassy walls. We respectfully acknowledge the Dunghutti People as the traditional custodians of the Crescent Head region and welcome them, competitors, families, friends, kids, locals, mates, media, spectators, & visitors to the annual running of the Crescent Head Malibu Classic.

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A variety of accommodation styles are available to suit every need and budget at The Med Crescent Head.